American War
栏目:12年级(G12) 发布时间:2021-04-06
难度:Lexile® Measure: 890L

American War is the first novel by Canadian-Egyptian journalist Omar El Akkad. It is set in a near-future United States of America, ravaged by climate change and disease, in which a second Civil War has broken out over the use of fossil fuels. The plot is told using historiographic metafiction by future historian Benjamin Chestnut about his aunt, Sarat Chestnut, who is a climate refugee pushed out of Louisiana by the civil war. The narrative chapters are interspersed with fictional primary documents collected by the narrator.

《美国战争》是加拿大埃及记者奥马尔·阿卡德(Omar El Akkad)创作的第一本小说。它坐落在受气候变化和疾病困扰的不久将来的美利坚合众国,第二次内战因化石燃料的使用而爆发。未来的历史学家本杰明·栗纳特(Benjamin Chestnut)使用史学科幻小说讲述了他的姑妈萨拉特·栗纳特(Sarat Chestnut)的故事。

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